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Leave a bequest in your will

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A life is never ended until all the lives it has touched have
ended too...

Bequests provide a crucial source of research funding and we are extremely grateful to the people who make provision for QIMR Berghofer in their wills. Their legacies help to secure the means for QIMR Berghofer's vital research to continue into the future.

You can leave a bequest of money, jewellery, shares or property. Please see below for the correct wording for your will. We advise you to seek legal advice when preparing a will to ensure that your wishes are met as you intended. See the wording of bequest clauses here.

If you would like to register your interest in leaving a bequest, please fill in the form below:

To receive a wills kit:

Email us (E or freecall 1800 993 000.

For enquiries about bequests, call Joan Stockman on +61 7 3362 0251.

Download our Bequest Brochure  (   1.02 MB)