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Ever wondered what goes on in a medical research facility? Want to know what’s being done about cancer, mental health, infectious diseases and other medical ailments?

Take a free tour

Come and see the inner workings of one of Australia’s largest and most successful research facilities for yourself. QIMR Berghofer welcomes visits from individuals, community groups, schools and other non-profit organisations at absolutely no cost.

Tours of QIMR’s Herston facility are approximately two hours in length and include an audiovisual presentation, guided laboratory visit, morning/afternoon tea and the opportunity to hear from some of Australia’s leading medical researchers. Tours can be arranged for one individual up to groups of 30 people. Bookings are required via our online booking form or freecall 1800 993 000.

Any children who would like to join our tours in the laboratories must be minimum 12 years of age and accompanied by an adult.

Arrange a guest speaker from QIMR Berghofer for your group

Community groups in South East Queensland can arrange a QIMR Berghofer representative to visit the group as a guest speaker.

Learn about the Institute and its efforts to tackle an array of health concerns through an audiovisual presentation delivered in the comfort of your group’s regular meeting place. Presentations cover the Institute's history, achievements and a host of research areas including genetics, cancers and infectious disease, as well as tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce your disease risk factors.


To book a tour or arrange a guest speaker, fill in our online booking form or freecall 1800 993 000.