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How can I become involved in medical research?

Vitamin D

QIMR Berghofer scientists have launched one of the world’s biggest studies of vitamin D’s role in our health. The D-Health study will follow 25,000 Australians for five years, to establish the role vitamin D plays in preventing a range of diseases.

We are looking for people aged 60-79 to take a supplement or a placebo – they won’t know which – once a month for five years.

To volunteer for D-Health phone the helpline on 1300 735 920 or visit the study website at


QIMR Berghofer is leading the largest study of asthma genetics in Australia to identify genes that increase a person's risk of developing asthma.

We are looking for people who have had asthma, but no longer experience symptoms to participate in the study. Please call 1800 257 179 (free call) or visit the asthma study website for more information.


Eating disorders

The Anorexia Nervosa Genetics Initiative (ANGI) is a global effort to identify genes that contribute to eating disorders.

Researchers in the United States, Sweden, Australia, and Denmark will collect clinical information and blood samples from over 8,000 individuals with and without an eating disorder. Your contribution would include a brief 30 minute interview and a blood sample.

You can participate in this research project yourself, or, you can refer someone you feel would be interested in participating in this study.

Call 1800 257 179 (free call) or visit the ANGI website for more information.


Mental health and depression

We are recruiting older healthy volunteers to participate in mental health studies. 

If you wish to register now, we will keep your name and contact details in a secure database and contact you when we have an upcoming experiment that may be suitable.


Please let us know your name, address, date of birth and phone number.

We will contact you before any potentially suitable experiments and send you a brief health screening questionnaire and participant information sheet. 

Morning sickness

We are now starting a new study focusing on identifying risk factors that nausea and vomiting during pregnancy that aims to identify risk factors that will help predict which women may be a risk of developing severe morning sickness. The goal of the study is to improve the treatment options for women with severe morning sickness by allowing earlier intervention. 

If you are over 18 and have been pregnant at least once and would like to find out more about participating in this study, please visit 

To contact us about this study you can email us at


The Queensland Twin Registry (QTwin) is a population-based registry of identical and non-identical twins.

QTwin is currently seeking participants:

a) From South-East Qld – identical or non-identical twins eight years and older

b) From Qld, NSW and Vic – identical or non-identical twins aged 65–90 years

Please 1800 257 179 (freecall) to be automatically directed to twin studies in your area. More information can also be found online at:

Other conditions

In the majority of cases, QIMR's clinical trial participants are recruited through referral by registered healthcare providers such as GPs and specialists. If you are interested in being involved in clinical trials, the first step is to search the Australia and New Zealand Clinical Trial Register (ANZCTR) which maintains a comprehensive directory of all trials being conducted in Australia and New Zealand. Having identified an appropriate trial in the register, you can then discuss your potential candidacy with your registered healthcare provider.